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Leaves of Tea

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Whether a single herb or one of our blends these concoctions are created to bring respite and a soothing element to a hectic fast paced life. We do not have a licensed herbalist on staff and while many of the ingredients may contain beneficial aspects they are created to taste and feel good.

Tea of the Month

A delicious blend of natural fruits and spices that brews up a mouthwatering cup of herbal tea. Entirely caffeine free, it holds a special appeal for children and sweet-toothed adults. Yet contains no sugar or other sweeteners. The flavor is all natural, emanating from orange peels, hibiscus flowers, apple pieces, rose hip and safflower.

Tea of the Month

The finest chamomile flowers in the world come from the Nile River Valley of Egypt. Considered a remedy for all ills by the ancient Egyptians, this golden herb remains a modern favorite to promote calm and relieve anxiety. When steeped, these fragrant blossoms smell of freshly cut apples and produce a rich, golden cup with superior flavor. This caffeine free herbal infusion is delicious served with honey.

Tea of the Month
Fruit Medley is a sweet mix of strawberry, hibiscus flowers, apples, rose hips and lemongrass. Deep, rich fruity flavor, full bodied and refreshing. Gentle herb notes lighten up the fruitiness and fills the air with its sweet-spicy aroma. Completely caffeine free with no sugar or other sweeteners.
Tea of the Month
Dried peppermint leaves to make a minty, refreshing drink that is highly satisfying both hot and cold. A native of the Mediterranean, peppermint leaves were often used to crown luminaries in ancient Greece and Rome. It continues to be revered for its refreshingly light aroma, as well as its natural, caffeine-free taste. If you have yet to try gourmet peppermint tea, you'll be pleasantly surprised by its superior flavor.
Tea of the Month

A smooth and slightly tart blend of blueberries, apple pieces and hibiscus flowers, this blend has quickly become one of our most popular. Sweet like a fresh blueberry pie, but without any added sugar or sweeteners. Naturally free of caffeine.


Tea of the Month
A trip to the spa in a cup, this soothing blend of aromatic Lavender and calming Chamomile will help to melt away the day. Naturally caffeine free.
Tea of the Month
This comforting combination of herbs helps to ward off and ease the symptoms of colds and the flu.

Chamomile, peppermint leaf, licorice and lemon peel have been known to relieve mild nasal congestion and restlessness while helping to boost the immune system.
Tea of the Month
This tasty blend of herbs combines the distinct character of Hibiscus flower with orange peel, rose hips, spearmint and licorice root. Full of flavor this delicious combination makes a terrific iced brew that is naturally caffeine free.
Tea of the Month
This mouthwatering blend of natural berry flavors is subtle and sweet. Naturally caffeine free this delectable brew is perfect hot or iced and makes a great addition to other teas and herbs.
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