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A wonderful introduction to oolong teas, premium loose leaf teas all origin authentic and artfully created to open the hearts and minds of tea lovers everywhere by introducing an elevated tea experience.

Loose tea samplers offer an easy way to explore a variety of teas. Each loose tea sampler contains about 1 oz each of four varieties of loose leaf tea in air tight tins, enough to brew about 8 - 10 cups.Note: Assortments may vary depending on availability.

Tea of the Month

Ali Shan is an alpine green oolong tea from Taiwan. While relatively new, Ali Shan is one of Taiwan's most famous tea growing areas, producing beautiful high mountain oolong teas from its misty peaks. Warm sugar and deeply layered floral aromas, with a melting, creamy mouthfeel. Mellow and light bodied, this hand-crafted Ali Shan oolong is also excellent for multiple infusions.

Tea of the Month
Combining savory almond slices with the bright, fruity taste of Formosa oolong tea, our Almond tea is a great stand-alone drink as well as the perfect dessert complement. In fact, it is so versatile that, if you don't like our Almond tea, you're probably the one that's nuts.

Tea of the Month
As the temperature drops, you will have a tropical getaway with every sip of our exquisite Coconut Pouchong. This delicate and light oolong tea from Taiwan is combined with the flavor of fresh coconut to produce a very sweet flavor that'll be sure to bring you back to the beach!
Tea of the Month
Formosa Oolong is a darker style oolong tea from Taiwan, formerly known as Formosa (which means 'beautiful', given by the Portuguese explorers of the island). Deep ripe fruit aroma, autumn 'leafy' notes. Lingering sweet flavor and smooth, refreshingly fruity astringency. This Formosa Oolong is easy to prepare and remains a lovely introduction to Taiwanese tea.
Tea of the Month
Our Ben Shan oolong is a classic tea that will cup to a fragrance and body that is sure to satisfy! This smaller-leaf varietal, grown in the AnXi Region of Fujian Province, brings a distinctive floral aroma to the cup. It is a very attractive mix of light-green leaves that show just a hint of oxidization, a hint that rounds the body of the tea and makes the cup taste so enjoyable. It cups to a clear, yellow-green and is silky and smooth. This tea goes well with food and is an excellent beverage served chilled.
Tea of the Month
Pouchong is a very green oolong tea from Taiwan, it is the most lightly oxidized of all oolongs - just 8-10%. This creates a beautiful balance of green tea freshness and heavenly floral notes found in darker oolongs. In Taiwan, pouchong tea is all about the aroma. In the cup, you'll find a buttery sweet and uplifting floral aroma that lingers on the palate long after your last sip. Our fine quality Pouchong displays a soft, succulent texture and a clean, refreshing finish.

Tea of the Month
Oolong tea from the Fujian province of China. In Mandarin, Ti Kuan Yin means 'iron goddess of mercy,' a name derived from local legend. This tea is arguably the finest of Chinese oolongs, with competition-grade varieties selling for thousand of dollars a pound. Upon sampling dozens of samples, we have selected this tea as the finest we have seen cupped.
Tea of the Month
Wuyi Shuixan, China. This Wuyi produces a smooth yet robust, full bodied and slightly toasty cup. China certified organic.
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